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Summary of CFD stand, and endorsing organisations

January 3, 2011

Jan 3, 2011: The initial meeting in Karachi convened by the Professional Organisations Mazdoor Federations & Hari Joint Committee (POJAC) on Dec 19, 2010 led to forming Citizens for Democracy (CFD), a coalition of a coalition of individuals, professional organisations, political parties, trade unions and NGOs working together on a one-point agenda against the misuse and abuse of the ‘blasphemy laws’ and religion in politics. The following note sums up past discussions and lists endorsing organisations (updated):

1. CFD believes the blasphemy laws should be repealed but agree that calling for repeal just now will not yield results and, if this means jointly calling for amendments or procedural changes, so be it – for now. We support Sherry Rehman’s amendment bill despite some people’s reservations about its timings and being presented as a private members’ bill.

2. CFD believes there’s need for a long term, multi-pronged strategy and alliance building beyond like-minded groups. This involves awareness-raising through seminars in various places including educational institutes (to target students and youth) and lobbying with parliamentarians and opinion makers as well as religious scholars and those among the right wing parties who have privately already agreed that the law is causing injustice and needs amendment.

3. CFD agrees on the need for street demonstrations, but considers it more important to build public opinion through awareness raising seminars and workshops, as mentioned above.

CFD stands are endorsed by Professional Organisations Mazdoor Federations & Hari Joint Committee (POJAC) which comprises the following member organisations:
1. Sindh High Court Bar Association
2. Pakistan Medical Association
3. All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation
4. Mutahida Labour Federation
5. Karachi Union of Journalists
6. Pakistan Workers Federation
7. All Pakistan Trade Union Federation
8. All Pakistan Clerk Association
9. Democratic Labour Union State Bank of Pakistan
10. UBL Workmen Union (CBA)
11. National Bank Trade Union Federation
12. Karachi Bar Association
13. Pakistan Nursing Federation
14. National Trade Union Federation
15. Sindh Hari Committee
16. Gov. Sec. Teachers Association
17. Pakistan Hotel And Restaurant Workers Federation
18. Mehran Mazdoor Federation
19. All Sindh Primary Teachers Association
20. Sindh Professor Lecturer Association
21. Malir Bar Association, Karachi
22. Pakistan Trade Union Federation
23. Railway Workers Union Open Line (cba) Workshop
24. Mehran Railway Employees Welfare Association
25. All Pakistan Trade Unions Organisations

In addition to POJAC, several individuals as well as the following parties, organisations and NGOs endorse CFD’s stand. They include:

26. Awami Party
27. Labour Party Pakistan (LPP)
28. Progressive Youth Front
29. Communist Party Pakistan (CPP)
30. Peace and Solidarity Council
31. Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education & Research (Piler)
32. Action Committee for Human Rights
33. Dalit Front
34. Commission for Justice and Peace (CJP)
35. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)
36. Caritas
37. Aurat Foundation
38. Women’s Action Forum (WAF)
39. People’s Resistance
40. Sindh Awami Sangat
41. National Organisation of Working Committees
42. Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
43. Child and Labour Rights Welfare Organisation
44. Progressive Writers Association (PWA)
45. Port Workers Federation
46. Shirkat Gah
47. Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC)
48. Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)
49. Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust  (SNPET)
50. Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN)
51. Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF)
52. SAP-Pakistan
53. AwazCDS-Pakistan
54. GCAP-Pakistan
55. Home Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF)
56. Labour Education Foundation (LEF)
57. Progressive Youth Forum
58. National Students’ Federation (NSF)
59. The Researchers
60. Tehrik-e-Niswan
61. Democratic Commission for Human Development (DCHD)
62. Crises Support Group of Residents for Defence and Clifton, Karachi
63. Baaghi: A blog for secular Pakistan
64. Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (CMKP)
65. Ansar Burney Trust International
66. Viewpoint International
67. Pakistan Youth Alliance
68. Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)
69. Youth Together for Human Rights Education (YTHRE)
70. The Institute for Social Movements (ISM)
71 South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-Pk)
72. Institute for Development Initiatives
73. Shehri-CBE
74. Institute for Peace and Secular studies
75. Youth Parliament of Pakistan
76. Pattan
77. Awami Jamhoori Forum
78. Community Development Initiative (CDI) (updated Feb 7, 2011)
79. PeaceNiche (Karachi)

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  1. Taimur Rahman permalink
    January 11, 2011 7:56 am

    Please include Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party and Laal (the band) in the list of endorsing organizations.

    In solidarity
    Taimur Rahman


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