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Doctors’ protest rally for Jan 31 postponed

January 29, 2011

From Pakistan Medical Association:

The joint action committee of Doctors have Postponed the Protest Rally which was scheduled for 31st January.

The Committee met the Chief Minister Sahib. He had accepted few of our demands. The doctors  were waiting for last 16 yrs for upgradation. The 4-tier formula had been te-implemented after 16 yrs and it was promised that it will be implemented every year.

We had given him a copy of the Health Commission Bill prepared by PMA Punjab, and accepted by Punjab assembly in Nov 2011, and also a copy of protection bill for doctors.

The Chief Minister promised that he will get the bill vetted from Law Ministry  with in a week  and present it to the next session of Sindh Assembly. If that is too far, an Ordinance will be issued in the meantime.

As a gesture of goodwill, the Protest rally has been postponed and we will wait for his reply.

PMA, PIMA, PDF, Medical Aid committee, PPA, POA, SOGP, PROL, Cardiology assoc., Private Hospitals and Clinics assoc. PSA.


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