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Jashn-e-Faiz: A fabulous start and moving forward

April 20, 2011

CFD volunteers setting up before the event

Email to fellow activists from a CFD volunteer providing behind-the-scenes glimpses into Jashn-e-Faiz and those who made it possible:

…Yes, there were serious flaws, issues and breakdowns, but do you realize what a huge event CFD has pulled off? Even if everything had gone off without a glitch, there would be some whiners. In our own case, when Naziha and I left at 3am on Saturday night with the decoration staff assuring us that they would complete the very few things that we were not personally supervising, we arrived at 730am to find not a single thing had progressed after our departure…
The lights tested failed to come on, security at the back gate constantly us summoned for clarifications, for verifications and so on.

Yet we made a fabulous start. We now have four major events under the CFD belt and a data-base of at least 10-15,000 more than we did two days ago. CFD said things that people were afraid to even think. Patel has confirmed that approximately 30,000 people came through the main entry. This excludes the many we let in at other points when we were short of volunteers. Two rallies were happening in Karachi by two very extreme groups hence the slightly lower than hoped turnout but nonetheless commendable given that people have become used to shunning large events such as this due to the fear factor. The fact that the event proceeded without any security hitches means people will fear such events less in the future. Consider this the shaky first steps after major knee surgery!

Hats off of course to Fahim Khan for his untiring and unbelievable work, to Amtul and Mehboob Patel who never lost their patience, to Mohsin, Naziha and Farieha for all the media coverage efforts, fantastic work by Niilofur and her teams in both the seminars and the arts section, to Mir and Roqayia for their wholehearted participation, to Shakil Jafri for all the printing and coordination, Umar for his timely and most welcome return (and his Viago which was as popular as him), to Noman for being so patient and forbearing, Momin. Rahat Saeed, Javed and Yasmeen, Zeenia all those who made this possible. Many thanks to Kamyla Marvi for taking on the biggest challenge, and the main seminar. Sabeen for being on her feet most of the day despite her recent difficulties, all in all, fantastic! Saleem Akhtar, such an inspiration too. The resolution, fantastic as it was thanks to Hameed Haroon, Fahim, Farieha, Naziha and Kamyla, was very brave and I hope it gets the necessary coverage required.

CFD owes special thank you letters to all those who helped us such as the CDGK, the CPLC, the city wardens, CCPO and the police, the volunteers etc.

As and when we meet for a post event hash, lets be large hearted and generous, lets applaud what we achieved, let us have positive feedback on where we dropped the ball so we can learn from our mistakes and move forward.

Thank you all for what for me personally was a memorable day.

— Ambareen Kazim Thompson

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