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The Blasphemy Law In Pakistan Is The Real Blasphemy!

May 11, 2011

The Blasphemy Law In Pakistan Is The Real Blasphemy!

blog post by Raheel Raza

Excerpts: …The history of the Blasphemy Law as we see it today is that British colonizers of the sub-continent had made it a criminal offence to commit “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of ANY (stress mine) class by insulting its religious belief.” From their perspective, this law was meant to protect the diverse faith groups that lived in pre-partition India…

…Ironically the blasphemy law has been used in Pakistan as a systematic tool of discrimination and abuse against religious minorities, and ethnic cleansing.

…The radical Islamists who rally the cry of Blasphemy insist that insulting the Quran and Prophet is justifiable by death. What they don’t realize is that the very idea of killing someone is against the Quran which clearly says “killing one person is like killing all of humanity” (Chapter 5, verse 32) and that the Prophet never ordered anyone who insulted him, killed…. READ MORE

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