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PPP Human Rights Cell Expresses Concern over Arrest of Rimsha Masih

August 19, 2012

Press release received via email

The PPP Human Rights Cell  has expressed concern on the detention of a juvenile Rifta Masih suffering form Down’s Syndrome and has called upon the capital administration immediately take measures to resolve this problem.

“This case is a glaring example of how the blasphemy laws can be misused,” said the Central Coordinator Dr Nafisa Shah, added that the administration should have first enquired the matter before detaining the girl child.

She further added that “All political parties, and religious leaders must come together to find a solution to this issue which is creating insecurity among the minorities. It is important to build consensus, and recognize that there is a need to find ways to prevent such incidents where poor and disadvantaged communities are falsely charged.

The PPP Human Rights Cell proposed that in any such event, the law must allow leadership of religious communities and district administration  to jointly enquire into the matter before registration of the complaint and arrest.


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  1. August 19, 2012 6:51 pm

    Its Rimsha Masih not Rifta Masih …kindly correct it .

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