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‘Blasphemy’ laws

Pakistan Blasphemy Laws: A Fact Sheet – by Mansoor Raza

Blasphemy Presentation by Osama Siddique, discussed at a seminar on the blasphemy law organised by the South Asia Initiative, Pakistan Series at Harvard University in April, 2011

Blasphemy and politics in Islam – lecture by Dr. Ebrahim Moosa, Islamic Studies Professor, Duke University.

Launch video of new campaign, Awaz Uthey Gi, aiming to expose the “lies and deceit” behind 295-C.

A Betrayal of Islam’s Intellectual and Moral Legacy” – contributed by Abid Qureshi, blogging at: Blood is No Argument

Muslim clerics distort Quranic verses to suit their puposesvideo and article

Blasphemy related incidents in Pakistan in 2011 – Shehrbano Taseer

What this man-made law has done: Blasphemy Cases by Category (PDF) Compiled by Mohammed Nafees with inputs from Mansoor Raza and Rafay Alam.

Religion or Politics?: Tracing the history and origin of 295-B and C, the most misused sections in the chapter on Offences Related to Religion – by Farieha Aziz, Newsline, Feb 27, 2011

No punishment for blasphemy in Quran – detailed study by the eminent scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi (downloadable pdf file)

Blind Faith: A short documentary film about the blasphemy law in Pakistan by Sara N. Haq

How Should We Deal With Blasphemy? By Dr Khalid Zaheer (from his blog)

Release Aasiya Bibi, Repeal Blasphemy Laws, Abolish Shariat Court | Baaghi

The non-reform of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws tells a wider story about Zardari’s failure to foster true democracy –  Ali Dayan Hasan in OpenDemocracy, Dec 30, 2010

Overcoming ‘blasphemy law’ hypeBeena Sarwar « Journeys to democracy, Dec 30, 2010

The blasphemy law by I.A. Rehman, Dawn, Nov 25, 2010 – an essential background

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  1. May 1, 2012 4:59 am

    Every MUSLIM Believes that
    is more beloved to her/his own life.”

    It is the part of their FAITH/BELIEF/EEMAN.

  2. Masood munawer permalink
    March 4, 2011 6:17 pm

    People need schooling on the issue of blasphemy.The mind of the masses in pakistan have been conditioned by the misinformation supplied by KHATAM-E-NABUWWAT movement which has distorted the reality and turned the people into time devices. They have lost the qualities of tolerace and patience, which is in itself the negation of the Quranic law of patience,which says that Allh is only with those who are parient.The ministry of religiuos affairs has not been able to show people the right path.The clauses of constitution on blasphemy have become the main source of terrorism and religious extremism but pakistani legislators could not solve this problem.This is a tragedy of a nation which has lost its prestige, path and patience.

  3. Syed Shariq Imam permalink
    January 13, 2011 7:08 am

    I am an Advocate of Sindh High Court and practising at Karachi, also working with Shirkat Gah, Karachi.


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  2. Great turnout, great resolve: Reference for Salmaan Taseer, Karachi « citizensfordemocracy

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