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This page lists the various items already posted on the CFD blog related to Jashn-e-Faiz, held in Karachi on April 17, 2011. Thanks to all those who made it possible

Jashn-e-Faiz event details – programme posted on blog

Jashne Faiz – CFD Resolution – Karachi, you were wonderful tonight

Jashn-e-Faiz in the news – links to various news articles

Jashn-e-Faiz videos and photos – Sabeen Mahmud, Amima Sayeed, Mehlum-Sadriwala (compiled from various posts)

What Jashn-e-Faiz meant to me – contributed by Farieha Aziz

Jashn-e-Faiz: Denouncing violence in the name of religion – Fahim Zaman Khan (adapted from email)

Jashn-e-Faiz: A fabulous start and moving forward – Ambareen Kazim Thompson (adapted from email)

Jashn-e-Faiz and ‘hamara mahol’ – Yasir Husain (adapted from email)

Jashn-e-Faiz: NSF seminar on ‘Uncle Sam’ with Hameed Akhtar – Fatima Zaidi (edited from submission)

Jashn-e-Faiz: Theatrics of a suicide bomber – Fatima Zaidi (edited from submission)

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